Friday, 23 August 2013

Cornish sketches

Just back from north Cornwall. Here are a couple of my favorite sketches from the last week. The first is of the main harbour in Padstow and the second of Polzeath, which has a big surfing community and currently where our Prime Minister is on holiday!


  1. these are just flippin' lovely, and have inspired me to loosen up in my drawing, oh, and try be at the coast more!

    1. Thanks so much John, lovely feedback always much appreciated. Yes, wish I could be at the coast more too!

  2. I recognised Padstow harbour immediately from your sketch even though it's years since I was there

  3. I love your work, particularly your subtle & loose application of watercolour. I would love to know how you paint your skies & what paper & paint you use. I am currently practising watercolour skies & struggling with warping paper when using wet on wet. I have thus decided to look at architect's sketches, where the watercolour sky seems so effortless & yet attractive. All tips welcome.