Friday, 26 July 2013

Manchester International Festival...more sketches

What a fantastic 3 weeks, lucky enough to see Sir Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston in Macbeth, Adam Curtis v Massive Attack, Goldfrapp and Mogwai playing their original score to the film Zidane. And the venues...Mayfield depot architecturally stunning and Albert Hall, just perfect! Here are some more sketches drawn in Festival Square. 


  1. Dear Simone,
    Wow, your architecture is very beautiful and eye pleasant. Also, watercolour is so lovely. I'm learning a lot from you. Keep up wonderful work. (I wish I could attend your class!)
    Best wishes, Sadami

    1. Dear Sadami, I am flattered by your comments...thank you so much! I've just been looking at your blog and your watercolour work is wonderful, so delicate and pretty,
      and what's more you can draw people, I am hopeless at them!! Who knows I might get to Sydney one day, in the meantime I wish you well. Best wishes Simone