Sunday, 11 November 2012

Pier Arts Centre, Orkney

I thought these images might be of interest. The building is the award-winning Pier Arts Centre in Orkney by celebrated Scottish architects Reiach and Hall and the photograph is by Gavin Fraser which was reproduced in the Guardian and architectural magazine RIBA Journal. I am really drawn to it....maybe it's the fading light contrasting with the illuminated gallery, or the highlighted pink of the buoys and adjacent red building - and look at the colour of that water...all with a backdrop of rather dour Scottish granite and pebbledash - I hope I won't upset anyone by saying that, but it's a wonderfully juxtaposed colour palette for the aspiring watercolour painter!

A very close architect friend of mine spent the best part of a couple of years working with the Orkney Council Architects' Department, and I hoped to visit her whilst she was there. I particularly wanted to visit Pier Arts Centre, and enjoy this view for myself, but sadly, didn't make it in the end - however Orkney remains on my wish-list of places to visit! The original painting was completed about 2 years ago, directly inspired by the photograph. It's since been sold although I do have a rather low res digital it isn't lost to me forever. I am thankfully much better these days at keeping a record of my work.

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