Saturday, 29 September 2012

Urban Sketchers 1

I am a big fan of Urban Sketchers and have been plotting over the last few months about trying to establish a Manchester group. This really started to take shape whilst in Singapore over the summer when I met Mdm Tia Boon Sim, one of the group's founding directors. I was invited to a private view which displayed work from a recent sketching weekend in Penang, Malyasia, and I was delighted to meet a number of Singapore Urban Sketchers. Needless to say their work was beautiful and made me even more determind to get involved with something similar back home. London recently started a group and so far Manchester doesn't appear to have one, but watch this space...

One of Mdm Tia's urban sketches

At the private view in a Singapore Tea House
Some of the work on display


  1. Good luck, Simone, with setting up Urban Sketchers Manchester. Urban Sketchers isn't as big in the UK as it could and should be - as a member of the London group, we'd be glad to help in whatever way we can.

  2. Hi James, thanks so much for contacting me - you've beaten me to it infact as I was thinking of approaching the London group for some advice. I am in the fortunate position of teaching at Manchester School of Art so I have lots of enthusiastic staff and students wanting to get involved...I just need to sort the logistics out. I will be back in touch soon.
    Thanks again,
    ps Ideally, if I could organise myself I would like to join one of your sketchwalks.

  3. Yes, great. We'll be posting info about future sketchcrawls on the London Urban Sketchers website, which is
    or contact us at
    It's early days for us, too.

  4. Hi Simone, I've been the Urban Sketcher for Rennes (Brittany) and Manchester for a while now. Up 'til January I was based in France, but I'm about half-an-hour to the North of Manchester now.
    I'm a member of Preston Sketchers who meet every couple of weeks-!/groups/193789564012027/
    A Manchester group would be great!
    I've a solo exhibition at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery next March and, towards this, I'm spending the week commencing 8th October sketching in Manchester and Salford.. it would be good if we could meet up!
    Have a look at my work on Flickr
    Cheers, Caroline

    1. Hi Caroline, I'll reply in more depth in the next day or so but just to say I'm a big fan of your work, and was intending to get in touch with you about this Manchester group, as you are the only official Manchester Urban Sketcher correspondent (I think) - but had assumed you were based in France...our gain that you're back in the north-west!
      Bye for now, best wishes Simone

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